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Of Mice and Ben
Rants, raves, and recaps, oh my...

Get out the vote!, originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

That's not a brown stain on his shirt; it's a shadow under particularly bright spotlights...

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Caturday, also, originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

For chetchez.

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I wore purple!, originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

Hope you did, too... <3

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My TiVo is clearly..., originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

....trying to tell me something. Or the Food Network all a bunch'a mo's.


Sewers, originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

Aren't they cute? :)

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Ah... back again. :), originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

It's been too long! Anyone not named Rice know where I am?

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Facebook is down/inaccessible and it's actually breaking news? I'm sad for Uhmurrica.

I'm not fooled., originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

Paulo actin' like it be all hot up in here... but the AC's on. Lazy furball.

I'm all for Spare the Air days, but goddamn. It's gotta be 100° in here. Gotta love Apple being green and all, turning down the A/C during the afternoon hours. This must be what bikram yoga is like.

I know I haven't updated in like forever and ever, but I promise I still read this thang and I <3 you all that are still reading my feed.

Life's pretty good, living in San Jose with the BF in our house in Lincoln Glen. I still sing in my choir, play Warcraft, eat too decadently, and exercise not quite enough. None of that's news. ;)

Just bought a new car, lamenting the dropoff in the stock market, wishing my lawn sprinklers worked worth a damn and the gardener was something more than "mow n' blow" (though I don't pay for it so I can't complain too much).

Took a 2-week staycation in July, did some camping here in California, hung out with my dad on his motorcycle trip out from Minnesota, did some wine tasting, and plenty of good eats.

Work continues to drain years off my life slowly and imperceptibly. The projects overlap and deadlines stack up like iron maiden dominoes but I continue to brandish my whip.

In other words, not much has really changed. <3
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When you see it..., originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

As seen outside a jewelry boutique in Napa.


ISBN..., originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

....kitteh. He is contentz.

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That is all.

Finally, seats on Orchestra level. Showtime in five!

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Moar Disney, originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

Haunted Mansion!

Next, Captain EO tribute in 3D. :D

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Disneyland!, originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

Hella crowded already, but whatever... I'm here with my BF. Check that
one off the list. ;)

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Yay vacation!, originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

Our destination is a surprise, but i haz a ideas. :)

@ long term parking, SJC

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Dinner and a show..., originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

....with my man. Grill on the Alley and now this:

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This is the most fucked-up thing I've seen since I used to read, back in its late-90s heyday.

The super-sized [600-lb] woman who is determined to become the world's fattest woman

What is this I don't even, etc etc. I wish it were a hoax, but it appears to be legit.

I feel: disgusted

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Ohdear, originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

And of course, it's a bear.

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Wafffffles!!, originally uploaded by mrmouse77.

@ Cafe San Jose. Yum!

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